GCAC Signs Definitive Reseller Agreement for Efixii into $233 Million Israeli Medical Cannabis Market

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, January 4, 2021 – Global Cannabis Applications Corp. ("GCAC" or the "Company") (CSE: APP, FSE: 2FA, OTCQB: FUAPF), a leading medical cannabis data platform, today announced it has signed a Citizen Green Efixii ("Efixii") Reseller & License Agreement ("Agreement") with Transparent-C Ltd. ("Transparent-C"), a provider of regulatory and professional services to Israeli medical cannabis market participants.

Following on from October’s 3-year SaaS license sale of Efixii to the Israeli grower Bless Cultivation Ltd., GCAC continues to expand its international business development footprint with this Agreement. Transparent-C are now licensed to resell all GCAC SaaS products in Israel for a 20% revenue share of the cash received by GCAC, and at no upfront or recurring cost to GCAC.

The nascent Israeli medical cannabis market is currently valued at $233 million annually, with more than 74,000 Israelis already having doctors’ approval to medicate using cannabis1 . Efixii continues to generate significant interest amongst Israeli growers as a means to reduce the cost of both grow and export compliance, as well as being a complimentary technology for enhanced customer consumption monitoring, as required by Israeli law.

“After witnessing the very positive feedback from the Israeli medical cannabis regulator regarding the use of Efixii as a compliance tool, we decided that we just had to market Efixii to all Israeli cultivators, retailers and exporters. We are delighted to become GCAC’s ‘boots on the ground’ here in Israel” said Eliran Avitan, co-founder of Transparent-C.

Brad Moore, CEO of GCAC said, “Our revenue model of Efixii licensing plus data sales generates CDN$.38/ gram for us. As such this reseller agreement into Israel with it growing consumer bases will be a big part of GCAC achieving its first and second year sales targets. Just as importantly we can prefect our go-to market strategy for what I see as the larger future opportunity with Transparent-C, and that’s for our us to expand Israeli exports of cannabis to Europe by operating the most transparent cannabis disclosure platform in the world.”

The Agreement allows Transparent-C to pay for bespoke software enhancements to Efixii for their clients and regulator. Such enhancements are licensed exclusively to Transparent-C during the term of the Agreement. All enhancements remain the sole intellectual property (“IP”) of GCAC.

Under the Agreement, all GCAC derived cannabis data is the intellectual property (“IP”) of GCAC. GCAC’s IP creates an inherent difficulty in replicating, or directly competing with GCAC’s medical cannabis datasets. GCAC defined their protocols in a provisional patent application, ‘System of Process and Tracking Cannabis Products and Associated Method Using Blockchain’ as filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on December 17, 2020.

Favicon for haaretz.com [1] Israeli supermarket giant to sell low-cost medical cannabis haaretz.com

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