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GCAC is a global leader in designing and developing innovative blockchain technologies and machine learning solutions to improve real-world businesses. GCAC's leading solution is Efixii, an Ethereum Layer 2 blockchain and EVM programming functionality that is on par with other Layer-2's, such as Polygon. GCAC can quickly connect each participant from product producers, distributors, manufacturers and retailers through a series of value chain dApps that allows for data connectivity to drive better consumer experiences and sales. GCAC created clearESG to assist businesses in communicating their sustainability goals and earned attributes on the blockchain through a series of ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) merit badges. As an interconnected supply chain solution, the Efixii solution pays tokens for attesting to a product's value, or truthness, through a reward program. GCAC works in many agricultural industries providing a value-added blockchain offering through a cost-effective SaaS licensing model.

For more Company information, please visit www.globalcompliance.app, or review its profiles on www.sedar.com and on the Canadian Securities Exchange's website www.thecse.com.

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GCAC Announces Uplift NFT Coupons Now Redeemable On 10M+ Websites

is delighted to announce that it has successfully developed integrations of its Web 3.0 Uplift NFT coupons for use on WooCommerce, a prominent WordPress eCommerce platform hosting 6.3 million activ...

GCAC & Hemp Coffee Brand To Offer Efixii NFT Coupons To Veterans

GCAC is pleased to announce a licensing agreement with Brightstar Logistic Corp. representing Cannabissimo Coffee® (“Cannabissimo”) in North and Central America, a renowned premium Italian gourmet ...

GCAC Reports New Consumer App Downloads of Efixii Uplift

GCAC is delighted to unveil a significant achievement. Reporting 121 new downloads of the Efixii Uplift consumer app since May 2023 underscores the need for US veterans to have one source for consi...

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