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CLS Holdings USA, Inc. Partners with GCAC to expand the use of Efixii Uplift Coupons Successful Launch Drives Higher ...

GCAC is thrilled to announce the expansion of its Efixii Uplift coupon program following a successful Memorial Day launch with Oasis Cannabis Dispensary.

Content Deals for GCAC’s Citizen Green TV Increases Viewership to Over 250K Consumers

GCAC is excited to announce new content licensing agreements, with several prominent influencers, for the Citizen Green TV channel, broadcast via the Weed and Whiskey.TV network.

GCAC Partners with Wholesaler Varied State to Offer CBD Brands Access to Wholesale and Direct to Retail Services

GCAC is helping its Efixii Uplift clients gain access to additional sales channels through Varied State.

GCAC Breaks New Ground with Efixii Uplift Coupons on the ROKU Network

GCAC is excited to partner with W and W Digital LLC (“WWTV”), a major ROKU-connected TV network, and present CBD and cannabis NFT coupons to a wider audience streaming content to their computer or ...

GCAC Partners with Cannabis Life Science to Bring Discounted Cannabis to Nevada’s 200k Veterans

Global Compliance Applications Corp. is excited to partner with Cannabis Life Sciences (“CLS”), CLS Holdings USA, Inc.

GCAC’s Efixii Uplift App Hits Unprecedented 2200% Growth in Downloads

GCAC's innovative app, Efixii Uplift, has seen an extraordinary surge in popularity, with download numbers crossing the 2000 mark on both iOS and Android platforms.

GCAC and HempHoney: Pioneering a Healthier CBD Future for Veterans

GCAC is proud to announce a strategic partnership with HempHoney, the creators of the world's finest CBD-infused honey.

GCAC and Blair Medical Group Collaborate to Champion Veteran Wellness

GCAC proudly announces the Blair Medical Group will join GCAC’s Citizen Green Project

GCAC's Efixii Uplift Surpasses $1M in Cannabis & CBD Products

Global Compliance Applications Corp. (GCAC) announced today that the Total Value Locked (TVL) in Efixii-blockchain coupons has now exceeded USD $200,000.

GCAC Expands Sales Footprint in Midwest US Cannabis & CBD Markets

GCAC is pleased to announce the inclusion of BigBudz and Backroad Wellness in its network of companies offering discounts to the US veteran community through the Citizen Green Project.

GCAC Announces Uplift NFT Coupons Now Redeemable On 10M+ Websites

is delighted to announce that it has successfully developed integrations of its Web 3.0 Uplift NFT coupons for use on WooCommerce, a prominent WordPress eCommerce platform hosting 6.3 million activ...

GCAC & Hemp Coffee Brand To Offer Efixii NFT Coupons To Veterans

GCAC is pleased to announce a licensing agreement with Brightstar Logistic Corp. representing Cannabissimo Coffee® (“Cannabissimo”) in North and Central America, a renowned premium Italian gourmet ...

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