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GCAC’s New Efixii Uplift App Removes Middleman from Couponing

GCAC is pleased to announce that it will be launching a new consumer-focused app named Uplift. Uplift will be available to retail consumers in North America, Australia, and other select regions in ...

GCAC Announces Close of Definitive Agreement Launching Medical Cannabis Business for Canadian Veterans

GCAC is pleased to announce that it has signed a Definitive Agreement with COMSOL PPV Telecom and Citizen Green Ventures Inc. to create an online portal providing Canadian veterans with blockchain-...

Well-Known California Cannabis Nursery Adopts Blockchain Technology to Certify all Clones with a “Batch Certificate”

Mendocino County, Ca - Mendocino Clone Company (MCC), a leading provider of high-quality cannabis clones, announced today that it has joined the EMTRI Project, a decentralized cannabis supply chain...

EMTRI Launches EMT Token Trading on Uniswap

California, November 16, 2022 - EMTRI Corp. ("EMTRI" or the "Company"), a leading cannabis marketing and advisory agency that issues EMT tokens to cannabis cultivators when they disclose batch cult...

Global Compliance Applications Corp. Announces Transaction with Blue Anchor Risk Solutions (Pty) Ltd.

GCAC is pleased to announce that it has entered into a Sale of Shares Agreement (the “Definitive Agreement”) with Blue Anchor Risk Solutions (Pty) Ltd.

New Joint Venture Executed to Escalate Industrial Hemp Industry as a Sustainable Solution in North America

GCAC announces a strategic partnership with ThingBlu Inc., a Washington state-based business with a SaaS agriculture business intelligence solution and B&M Products and Services LLP, an Indiana sta...

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