Q&As with Brad Moore

CEO Brad Moore shares how GCAC markets its products and services to the financial and cannabis industries.

Q: Brad. Lots of exciting news coming out of GCAC in recent months. Can you share what's going on and how you are getting the word out?

A: It's true. There's a lot of activity, from new revenue and investment agreements to new products and growth opportunities. To be honest, it's very exciting for the team. We recently engaged North Equities, a Toronto-based social media consultancy, to promote our products and story to the global business community. They will help cut through the noise and capitalize on a broad range of social media and other outlets to promote GCAC.

Q: What products top the list?

1. Our core product is Efixii, the only patent application, approved blockchain-powered SaaS for the cannabis industry. It measures 'one gram grown, one gram consumed' to establish product efficacy and help cultivators grow consistent cannabis.

2. We are launching clearESG to help record, measure and share Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) achievements using Efixii blockchain technology.

3. The Prescriptii Patient Portal is a free-to-use website empowering consumers with data to help them make better cannabis choices.

4. And Health Canada approved our online non-possession sales portal, which will be onstream soon.

Q: clearESG is an essential step to advancing sustainability initiatives. How does it work?

A: clearESG tracks over 50 metrics to help the cannabis industry verify Environmental, Social and Governance goals. We are building a greener industry for a more sustainable future. We are partnering with several firms, many US-based, specializing in the field for verifiable ESG that improves sustainability for the cannabis supply chain. It could also be applied across a product spectrum of industries, starting with hemp.

Q: No doubt investors want to know about revenue and related investment deals. Can you tell us what's happening there?

A: Lots of activity there too. We signed a US$1.5M revenue deal with EMTRI in northern California to license [EMTRI] a minimum of 10-million grams of cannabis. What makes this interesting is the application of a branded decentralized finance blockchain token to help cultivators stabilize cash flow.

We secured C$1.8M to expand Efixii, support the online portal, and general working capital. And GCAC signed an LOI to purchase part of South Africa's only cannabis-specific insurance company. Efixii-licensed cultivators can improve supply chain consistency, reduce insurance rates, and optimize profitability. Major European reinsurers are now aware of the power of Efixii and what it can do.

Q: That's a lot of activity, Brad. Let's back up to Efixii. How does it help the industry?

A: Efixii benefits every person in the cannabis supply chain, from cultivator to consumer and back, cementing critical relationships. Everyone can see the complete product lifecycle by scanning a QR code. Consumers get genuine product reviews per batch, and they can share personal experiences. Because blockchain ensures transparent, verifiable data that cannot be altered, every stakeholder can have confidence in Efixii products.


Q: We saw a recent post about incorrect product labelling. Do GCAC products fix this?

A: Efixii and clearESG are blockchain-based tools. Most people now understand that blockchain cannot lie, and all data attested to the blockchain is verifiable. Our tools help record every input and understand every detail in the supply chain on a batch-by-batch basis. It means that every Efixii-labelled product is accurate. When people are about to put something in their body, they must have confidence that what is printed on the label is correct. Nothing less satisfies.


Q: Any final thought to add Brad?

A: Yes. Blockchain technology is the foundation of our platforms. It creates trustworthy products and a reliable supply chain. While our current focus is the cannabis industry, we see equal opportunity in the hemp industry. And moving forward, as we expand the reach of our blockchain-powered data management products, we see cannabis as just the start.

We know there's a lot more. Maybe that's why you are Brad Moore. But for the time being, we're going to stop here. Readers who want to take a deep dive into all the activities at GCAC can find more in our Newsroom.

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