GCAC Recognized As a Top Canadian Startup

Company Listed in Top Market Research Startups In British Columbia And Other Canadian Lists As An Industry Leader

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, December 1, 2021 – Global Cannabis Applications Corp. ("GCAC" or the "Company") (CSE: APP, FSE: 2FA, OTCQB: FUAPF), a leading medical cannabis chain-of-custody compliance and data platform, is proud to be recognized as one of the 44 Top Market Research Startups and Companies in British Columbia. [1]

Best Startup Canada recognized GCAC’s innovative data technologies specifically designed for the medical cannabis industry for exceptional performance based on innovation, growth, management, or societal impact. The Company, previously acknowledged in the 100 Top Market Research Startups and Companies in Canada [2] and 27 Top Market Research Startups and Companies in Vancouver (2021) [3] lists, is gaining momentum.

CEO Brad Moore says, “our team is working tirelessly to get our technology in the hands of cultivators and industry professionals and to share our story with medical cannabis consumers who benefit from our innovative ‘one gram grown, one gram consumed’ efficacy measurement.”

GCAC’s suite of software technologies enables cultivators to reduce costs and replicate results in full legal compliance. All industry stakeholders, including consumers, can view each data point on the blockchain by scanning a secure QR code. The Efixii [4] mobile app and Prescriptii Patient Experience [5] website for medical cannabis consumers are free-to-use services enabling everyone to see the product story and understand what they are putting in their bodies.

Moore has been on a mission to showcase the technology at as many industry events as possible. He has driven awareness in more than 7 interviews, 4 podcasts, and 7 presentations at industry events. Visit the Company’s YouTube channel for a complete list. Most recently, his headline speech [6] at the CannabiSalud “Business Investment Conference,” Cancun, Mexico, Nov 18-20,and a pre-conference webinar [7] on Nov. 16 highlighted GCAC products to the world’s newest and largest legal cannabis market.

Brad delivered a keynote address at MJBizCon [8], Las Vegas, USA, Oct. 2021 and signed a $500,000 Letter of Intent with EMTRI, representing more than 20,000 cultivators producing over 750 million grams of cannabis each year in California’s Emerald Triangle.

GCAC was spotlighted on “Advancements TV,” [9] hosted by Ted Danson in September. Earlier in the year, Brad was a headline panelist at Prohibition Partners LIVE [10] in Germany.

The Company is on a roll, announcing plans to operate as a non-possession medical cannabis retailer that connects buyers to cultivators upon approval from Health Canada using a retail dropship model [11]; announcing DEFI funding for Canadian cultivators [12] that license Efixii cannabis blockchain software; and, joining [13] the Canadian Chamber of Commerce’s National Cannabis Working Group and the International Cannabis Council. The company was recently up-listed to the OTCQB exchange, making shares more broadly available to US investors. [14]

Efixii is licensed to cultivators in a SaaS model and is a free-to-use app for cannabis consumers. All cannabis sold through the Portal generates a new sales-commission revenue stream for GCAC. Efixii’s cannabis data is the intellectual property (“IP”) of GCAC. This IP creates an inherent difficulty in replicating or competing with GCAC’s cannabis datasets. GCAC defined their protocols in a provisional US patent application, ‘System of Process and Tracking Cannabis Products and Associated Method Using Blockchain’ filed with the USPTO on Dec. 17, 2020.

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About Global Cannabis Applications Corp. “GCAC”

GCAC is a global leader in designing, developing, SaaS licensing and acquiring innovative data technologies for the medical cannabis industry. The Citizen Green and Efixii platforms are the world's first end-to-end - from patient to regulator - medical cannabis data solutions. They use six core technologies: mobile applications, artificial intelligence, RegTech, smart databases, Ethereum blockchain and GCAC smart rewards. These technologies transparently disclose cannabis chain-of-custody events, thereby enabling patients to provide crowd-sourced medical cannabis efficacy data. Driven by digital and cannabis industry experts, GCAC is focused on generating revenue from SaaS licensing its technology and acquiring high quality cannabis datasets that improve patient outcomes and to become the world’s largest cannabis efficacy data provider.

For more Company information, please visit www.cannappscorp.com, or review its profiles on www.sedar.com and on the Canadian Securities Exchange's website www.thecse.com.

Press Contact

 Phone: +1 (800) 409-5679

 Email: info@cannappscorp.com


Forward-Looking Information 

This news release may include forward-looking information within the meaning of Canadian securities legislation, concerning the business of GCAC. Forward-looking information is based on certain key expectations and assumptions made by the management of GCAC. Although management of the Company believes that the expectations and assumptions on which such forward-looking information is based are reasonable, undue reliance should not be placed on the forward-looking information because GCAC can give no assurance that they will prove to be correct. Forward-looking statements contained in this news release are made as of the date of this news release. GCAC disclaims any intent or obligation to update publicly any forward-looking information, whether as a result of new information, future events or results or otherwise, other than as required by applicable securities laws.


The Canadian Securities Exchange has not reviewed and does not accept responsibility for the adequacy and accuracy of this information.

About Global Compliance Applications Corp.

Global Compliance Applications Corp. is a global leader in designing and developing innovative blockchain technologies and machine learning solutions to improve real-world businesses.

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